The How, Why & Wonder of Spiritual Healing

To understand what’s actually happening in spiritual, or non-physical, healing – how it happens, why it happens and the wonder when it does happen – starts to give us a glimpse into this amazing resource that we all have available to us, right now and always, a resource that had for centuries restored peace and wellbeing to the lives of the people in the Bible.

Beth Packer, CS:
Beth is listed in the world-wide Journal of Practitioners of Christian Science Healing. She is also a member of the Christian Science Board of Lectureship, and for the past 12 years has been continually lecturing across the world. As a life-long Christian Scientist, she has proved the power of spiritual healing throughout her life.

Christian Science:
It is truly a religion of Love and healing, but also a religion of intelligence and inspiration. Founded by a woman, Mary Baker Eddy, in the 1800’s, this Science of Christianity, helps us to understand for ourselves, the Bible’s powerful spiritual message. Just like original Christianity, it is bringing practical healing solutions into people’s lives. To explore more of Christian Science visit the official website


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